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Campaigners in Ludlow Vermont woman who fuck are trying to force a dictionary to change its definition of "nerd". But after two decades of "reappropriation" has "nerd" - and its sister word "geek" - now completely lost its derogatory connotations? In the film Revenge of the Nerds the rousing final speech of one of the protagonists starts with the statement: "I'm a nerd. Its plot may be cartoonish but the film reveals a certain cultural backdrop - to be a nerd was to be socially awkward, even socially inferior.


How do you measure a nerd?

Is it Mountain Dew consumption? Glasses worn or tests aced?

Amount of weegies given per capita? And where are the most nerds in the US? We spent a great deal of time deliberating on this highly serious question.

Keep reading to see our very serious, solemn highlights- and just how nerdy your state and by extension you are. To determine where the biggest fans of hobby or fandom were, we turned to Sexy horny women north carolina Trends to find state-level topic search volume.

By john bowers, clare stanton, and jonathan zittrain

Basically, all the questions a pretty passionate fan or nerd would be looking for. From there, we averaged the search interest of all together.

The higher the average search interest, the nerdier the state. There is nothing to be ashamed of being really passionate about your hobbies and interests. It is in fact, dare I say it, pretty cool.

So wave your nerd flag or Larping sword or carefully cultivated Wookie accent with pride. You can find a job worth nerding out about. One with lots of cool, exciting spreheets.

Or maybe working at a shoe company with. Whatever your passion is, there might just be a company or job that will bring out your inner-nerd during 9-to-5 hours. Kathy Morris.

Kathy is the head of content at Zippia with a knack for engaging audiences. Prior to ing Zippia, Kathy worked at Gateway Blend growing audiences across diverse brands. Topics: Study.

How we figured this out

By Kathy Morris - Jan. Get Started. Author Kathy Morris Kathy is the head of content at Zippia with a knack for engaging audiences. New Hampshire. West Virginia.

North Dakota. New Mexico.

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South Dakota. Rhode Island.

North Carolina. New Jersey. New York. South Carolina.

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